Registration Update and Jelks Scholarship Information

We anticipate that registration will open within the next two weeks. Please check back for updates as to when registration is live!

In anticipation of registration, we have released the information for this year’s Jelks Scholarships. Scholarships for the Public Interest Environmental Conference are made possible by a generous donation from the Jelks Family Foundation. The scholarship will cover the registration fee for the conference (note: the scholarship does not cover additional fees associated with the conference, such as travel costs). The scholarship is open to any attendee, but preference is given towards students. Previous scholarship recipients may also apply, but preference is given to those who have not been awarded the scholarship in the past.

PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our application procedures. If you would like to be considered for the Jelks Scholarship, you MUST apply for the scholarship PRIOR to registering for the conference. We will no longer provide reimbursements for scholarship recipients who have already registered for the conference. If you want to be considered for the Jelks Scholarship, you must complete your application FIRST. If selected, we will register you for the conference. If you register and pay for the conference, you will no longer be eligible for the Jelks Scholarship.

To apply, please visit the Scholarship page on our website (here). Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until January 31, 2015.



Welcome to the new PIEC webpage!

We decided to host our content on an external page this year to allow for more frequent updates and more of a connection between the conference organizers and our attendees.

As we’re creating content from thin air, please be patient with us! Pages will be updated frequently, so bookmark our page and keep checking back. We’ll update our Facebook when there are major announcements or changes (like when registration opens), so make sure to like our page to keep up with us!

In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions for the website!

– Adrian Mahoney ( & Elizabeth Turner (, Co-Chairs