PIEC 27 will be held virtually via ZOOM. Registration is free this year, but you must register to get a link. Please review the agenda to see options for each day’s breakout session, then visit the registration page from the main menu.

This year’s theme, Equitable Transitions: Visions for a Sustainable and Just Future, recognizes that the events leading us into 2021 have been a-historical in their gravity and importance. At this critical juncture, PIEC 27 will explore the most urgent environmental challenges we currently face and the social inequities that they expose and inflame. Equitable Transitions recognizes that the issues of environmental justice that pervade society are not merely the result of natural or market forces, but of deliberate policy decisions of the past and present. Acknowledging that the environmental challenges we face and the pervasive social inequities that exist share common origins, PIEC 27 will envision bold solutions to move us toward a more sustainable and just planet.

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