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Registration FAQs

Have a question about registration? Check this page for FAQ updates.

Q: Will the price for registration change or increase during the registration period?
A: No. The PIEC registration price will remain the same until the day the conference begins. Registration is FREE for UF students, faculty, and staff (must have a valid UF-ID and Gator-1 card) and $100 for everyone else, including non-UF students, for the conference only, or $145 for the conference and banquet. For the banquet only, the cost is $45.

Q: I’m a UF student and want to attend the entire conference and banquet. Is that all free for me?
A: The Conference is free to current students (and faculty and staff) who have a valid UFID (provided at registration) and a valid Gator-1 ID (which must be presented at check-in). However, the Banquet will cost $45. Students may register for the conference and pay for the banquet all at once.

Q: I’m a student at another university. Can I attend for free?
A: To provide the level of programming that we have for over twenty years, we unfortunately cannot offer non-UF students free attendance. However, we have a limited number of scholarships to help provide financial assistance, especially to students. Please see the Jelks Scholarship page for more information.

Q: I’m a vegetarian/vegan/have a food allergy. Is there any way to let you know that?
A: Yes. Please select vegetarian or vegan option on page 1 of the registration form. You can also indicate any special dietary restrictions (such as food allergies) in the comment section on page 2 of the registration form.

Q: Are CLE credits available?
A: Yes. The exact number is currently pending. An announcement will be made once we have a confirmed number.

Q: I want to attend the Banquet but I can’t seem to register. Why?
A: If you find yourself unable to register for the Banquet, it may be because seating is limited and all spots are taken. Please feel free to contact our registration chair at

Q: What can my environmental organization do to get more involved in the conference?  A: If you are interested in promoting your environmental organization at our conference, please email to inquire about reserving a table.

Don’t see your question? Fill out this form and we’ll be sure to get back to you!


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