What is the PIEC?

For over twenty years, the Public Interest Environmental Conference (PIEC) has sought to promote an understanding of the legal aspects of environmental protection, to serve to inform individuals as to the necessity for improvements in environmental legal protection, to foster the development of sound environmental legislation, measure the effects of environmental litigation, and to assist other groups involved in environmental education. The conference brings together legal practitioners, academics, policy makers, and private citizens to discuss preeminent issues surrounding a different environmental topic each year. In addition, the PIEC invites prominent environmental advocates to address these issues. Past speakers have included Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Carol Browner, and Robert Sokolow.


Past Conferences

25th PIEC (2019) – Our Future: Embracing the Anthropocene
PIEC 2019 Program

24th PIEC (2018) – Our Climate: The Only Constant is Change
PIEC 2018 Program

23rd PIEC (2017) – Land Conservation: The Worth of the Earth
PIEC 2017 Program

22nd PIEC (2016) – Five Oceans, One Earth
PIEC 2016 Program

21st PIEC (2015) – Powering the Planet: Energy for Today and Tomorrow
PIEC 2015 Program

20th PIEC (2014) – Feeding the Future: Shrinking Resources, Growing Population and a Warming Planet!
PIEC 2014 Program

19th PIEC (2013) – The Endangered Species Act at 40: Polishing the Crown Jewel
PIEC 2013 Program

18th PIEC (2012) – Fishable, Swimmable? 40 Years of Water Law in Florida and the United States
17th PIEC (2011) – It’s Not Easy Being Green
16th PIEC (2010) – Bringing it all Back Home: Leadership, Land Use and Local-nomics
15th PIEC (2009) – Beyond Doom and Gloom: Illuminating a Sustainable Future for Florida
14th PIEC (2008) – Reducing Florida’s Footprint: Stepping Up to the Global Challenge
13th PIEC (2007) – Talk, Technology and Techniques: Game Plan for Green
12th PIEC (2006) – In Fairness to Future Generations
11th PIEC (2005) – Hurricanes, Humans, and Habitat: Reclaiming, Rethinking and Rebuilding Our Environment
10th PIEC (2004) – Shaping Florida’s Future: A Decade of Protecting an Eternity
9th PIEC (2003) – Florida’s Final Frontiers: Saving What’s Left
8th PIEC (2002) – Industry Is From Mars, Environmentalists Are From Venus: Reconciling Our Differences On Earth
7th PIEC (2001) – All Eyes On Florida: Revitalizing, Restoring And Revisiting
6th PIEC (2000) – Strategies for Special Places
5th PIEC (1999) – Directions: Environmental Solutions For The Next Millennium
4th PIEC (1998) – Connections
3rd PIEC (1997) – Florida 2020: Visions Of Our Future
2nd PIEC (1996) – Making Sense Of This Place… Landscapes, Watersheds, And Communities In Florida
1st PIEC (1995) – Issues And Ecosystems: Grassroots Strategies For Environmental Advocacy In Florida